Flags & Light Pole Banners

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Kraus has been creating custom flags for more than a century. Fly your own colors, logo or brand with hand-crafted, affordable and long-lasting Kraus flags. We also stock all state and international flags as well as U.S. flags in every size imaginable. We also offer custom flagpole installation and rigging.

Light pole Banners are perfect for university and corporate campuses. Easily mountable on any kind of existing vertical pole using our time-tested hardware, Light pole Banners can showcase your school or corporate logo, and any image or photographs. Does your school need banners or flags for the grounds to show the pride you take in your college? How about a custom banner or flag to represent your team or band? Does your college need a collection of banners or flags for special events or graduation ceremonies?

We invite you to examine the opportunities afforded by custom banner and flag printing. Tasteful, attractive banners and flags can be used to proudly proclaim your school’s tradition, history and achievements.
Whether you are displaying banners and flags with your school’s coat of arms on campus, or on the road with your teams and bands, you will find an affordable solution for all your banner and flag needs through Kraus.

Flags and banners can be made using the Applique (sewn) method, silkscreen, or by digital printing on a variety of fabrics. Your banners and flags will provide your institution with the color and brightness that stands out in a crowd, proudly displaying the traditions and history of your university.