Button & Tab Art Requirements

Admission Button Color Processes

Please submit artwork in Adobe Illustrator, with all fonts converted to outlines. Do not place or link images into the Illustrator document. Design buttons at 100% actual size. Use any Pantone colors (except metallic and fluorescent.)

For Admission Control litho tabs, many institutions use a “one color reverse” design: the logo appears in white on a color background. The background colors can change for each day of the week; we can provide as many color lots as you need. If you prefer, the logo can be printed in any color on a white background. We also offer two-color, three-color, and full 4-color process printing.

For 4-color process printing, please submit your artwork in Illustrator (see above), or as Photoshop, TIF or JPG. Please make the resolution at least 250 ppi at actual print size.